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LONDON (Reuters) - British parliamentarians said they were prepared to issue a formal summons for Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg to appear before them and answer questions over a data scandal which has engulfed the technology giant.

Institutions have emerged from financial crisis in recent times only to find tougher regulations and constant threats from cyber attacks.

After many hours of reviewing gadgets from 2017, we have found that these are the best gadgets we have found, it's a difficult job but someone has to do it!

Google Home is the gadget you'll want to show off, but your house guests don't want to hear a news report or the weather. Here are some funny things to ask Google Assistant for an entertaining response.

I think the iSmartAlarm SPOT+ ISC5P2 is the cheapest indoor CCTV camera I've come across, at this price, you have to wonder if this can possibly perform well?


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