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The Bose Solo 5 is one of the most compact soundbars we’ve reviewed, looking more like a dedicated 5.1 centre channel speaker than a soundbar.

Bose produced a pair of headphones that combined noise cancellation technology with Bluetooth wireless connection, although Bose were a little slow off the mark they were worth the wait.

Speakers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from larger options that have the power to fill your whole living room and then some, to smaller, portable ones that are great for taking to picnics or moving from room-to-room.

There are an overwhelming amount of heaphones on the market to choose form don't worry: here are the top things to consider when buying yourself a new pair.

The Bose SoundLink Revolve is Bose’s latest bluetooth wireless speaker, not clever but good. It is not a smart device, it isn’t a digital voice assistant and can’t do the shopping for you. It’s a Bluetooth speaker, straight and simple.

I have reviewed quite a few wireless earphones this year, and most of them have been in the budget end of the market.

The QuietControl 30 is a very different pair of headphones, however. Instead of a full-on, over-the-ear design, these are in-ear headphones of the “neck-bud” style.


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