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The iPhone has altered a lot over the past 11 years, but that doesn't mean it's easy to tell one iPhone from another.

Apple Inc on Monday unveiled software upgrades that would let older iPhones run faster, help parents limit their children’s screen time and make its Siri voice assistant work more like a rival feature from Amazon.com.

Valve has received an unexpected set-back in its games streaming plans. Earlier this month we wrote that it was to release Steam Link for Android and iOS, which enables you to stream full PC games to your mobile device over a home network.

Apple has offered a one-off payment of £54 to British people who forked out for an ‘out of warranty’ battery replacement.

iOS 11.3 brought a new feature to iOS that show more information on battery health. When information came out late last year that iOS would slow down older iPhones with depleted batteries, users were very frustrated.

Sky Mobile has added several Apple iPad models to its device line-up, with monthly data plans that include no upfront costs and data rollover so you never miss out on the data you paid for.

YouTube has quietly rolled out the ability to view videos with HDR on iPhone X.

With the London Marathon last week several reports came out showing that sports watches and fitness trackers were not as accurate as hoped.

I love using iCloud Photos, but I especially love the “Memories” section. The memories section tries to remind you of photos of your past, which might include vacations, holidays, birthdays, etc..

The new iPad isn’t much different from its predecessor in terms of its hardware.


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