Epson ET-7700 Printer Review: A great long term option

Epson ET-7700 Printer Review: A great long term option
The Epson ET-7700 is one of the latest EcoTank printers from Epson and if you’re unfamiliar with the EcoTank series, it’s what you’d buy if you want to save money on ink whilst still getting a very good output whether printing documents or pictures.

Epson ET-7700

Epson ET-7700 Key features:
  • Print up to 3,400 photos with the included ink
  • Four dyes and a pigment ink for great results when printing photos
  • Hassle and mess-free refills with the enhanced ink bottles
  • Print from mobile devices
  • 3-in-1 with 6.8cm LCD screen: Print, copy & scan – plus double-sided printing
When it comes to its design, it’s mainly housed in a plastic shell, however, it still looks premium. Measuring 17.8 by 20.7 by 29.3 inches and weighing 23.4 pounds, it won’t fit on all office desks but it will work just fine on the floor too or a separate/bigger surface area.

Epson ET-7700

There’s a 6.8cm LCD screen for adjusting settings and selecting modes, the screen can also be moved up and down; when up it reveals the paper trays for all kind of paper sizes.  The area where the LCD is located also features some buttons for controlling the LCD menu options and I really like that they included an SD card slot so you can print directly from there.
Compared to most printers with just the standard four inks setup, the ET-7700 comes with an additional pigment-based black ink. Just like when talking about OLED screens where colors are richer and blacks are deeper, this extra ink makes not only the black but the full range to be deeper and richer, especially when printing photos and graphics.

Epson ET-7700 Review

There are some elements of the printer that shows Epson mean business here; they have two 100-sheet trays and a 20-sheet tray – you can even load tabloid-size sheets in the back tray.

Setting up the ET-7700 is very straightforward and the only time you need a little bit of patience is when loading the ink and during software updates, but once finished it’s a joy to print with.  It features ample connectivity options like WiFi, Ethernet, an SD and a USB stick reader, however, it’s lacking NFC connectivity.

Epson ET-7700 Review

The ET-7700’s printing speed rating is subjective as it just depends on what you’re used to at home. It’s definitely no match for industrial printers but its 13ppm is not bad in my opinion, for what I used it for, it was sufficient.  Colour printing is where you’d see a lower speed at around 10ppm which I feel for the output, it’s not bad either.

Epson ET-7700 Review

Overall the ET-7700 is a great printer and a perfect all-in-one printer that will save you money in the long run. Initially, it’s price to buy is a little high but it’s like buying a Tesla, you save money on fuel and also help the environment. It’s very easy to use with no fiddling around needed to use it daily and you can print from your mobile.

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